• Tasting note Coffee Origens Kenya AA Embu 250 gr Cafes Caracas
  • Coffee beans Origens Kenya AA Embu 250 gr Cafes Caracas


Very smooth, dense African specialty coffee with an interesting spicy red fruit acidity. It is a coffee that has citrus aromas. Taste its fruity notes in the mouth and also in smell.

Kenyan coffee grown at 1500 - 2100 meters of altitude. This variety is grown in central-east Africa and contains chocolaty notes with a final aftertaste of intense character on the palate.

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This premium quality coffee is presented in a Doy Pack bag with high light protection, self-closing and with a degassing valve, which optimizes the conservation of all the aroma and organoleptic qualities of the coffee.

The changes of coffee during the roasting process


Consider what flavors you want in your cup: if you want tartness, finesse and to show more of the origin, choose a light roast.

If you want more bitterness and smoky flavors in your coffee, a dark roast will be more appropriate. It is possible to use them both for filter or espresso; just remember that espresso is made with less water and therefore offers a more concentrated flavor and heavier mouthfeel.

And remember, if you don't want to give up anything, the medium roast (or “omnitueste”) is yours.

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Muy bueno
rating 10
No encontramos diferncia en los dos productos
Opinió cafè Kènia AA Embu
rating 8
M'ha agradat però el trobo menys aromàtic i una mica menys gustós que el Colòmbia.
Intenso y gustoso
rating 10
No es un café muy fuerte. Es un café que tiene un gusto suave. Se nota el gusto si lo tomas sin azucar. Es uno de mis preferidos.
rating 10
El café es excelente y el servicio perfecto. Felicidades 👍