Taste the authentic coffee from our Caracas coffee shops, also at home

Now at Cafés Caracas we offer you all our experience so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of a gourmet coffee in your own home at very affordable prices. Our original formula, its composition, and ideal packaging keep the coffee always fresh. You can choose it in different formats: coffee beans, ground for 6 types of coffee makers and in convenient coffee capsules. Discover our Origins variety with selected coffees from the best harvests in the world. And if you are a foodie, but want to reduce the risk to the health of your nervous system, try our excellent decaffeinated coffee.

And we not only have coffees, you can also find a wide range of teas and infusions made with the same philosophy. Its intense and extraordinary flavor will also provide multiple benefits for your health.

And as if that were not enough, we also have excellent coffee makers and accessories that will help you taste all our products with the flavor and intensity that all our customers deserve ... the most demanding.

More than forty coffee shops in and around Barcelona where you can have coffee, most of them located next to the markets. Discover our specialties made with our original formula of gourmet coffee, always fresh, that you can also taste at home. We have coffee beans and ground coffee for 6 different types of coffee makers. Ask us about our organic coffee with organic certification guaranteed by the CCPAE organization.

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