Coffee specialists in Barcelona since 1954

The perfect gourmet coffee is not achieved by chance, is an act of love. A love that began in Barcelona in 1954 in a small local in Cigne street. Gradually, perseverance and constancy led to expand the number of premises but not modified in any degree the requirements for a job well done and the search for the ideal blend and better origins.

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First establishment

The seed: A small shop on a Barcelona gauntry

Cafés Caracas has its origins in the decade of the 50, in a small establishment located in the street Portal del Ángel run by Pere Sabaté and his wife, Dolors Simon (Mrs. Lola). This Cafe was denominated Cafés Caracas in allusion to the capital of Venezuela, which then had a coffee with a good reputation, quickly became in a referent of good coffee in the city of Barcelona.

The growth: Work, dedication and success

Things were not easy at the time, but thanks to the illusion and professionalism of that those first collaborators, all the family and friends were contributing the foundations of the current group: were acquired the first stores in the neighborhood of Gracia (in the street Cisne and Milà i Fontanals) and created the "Caracas tostaderos", or what is the same, the facilities to be able to toast and pack our coffees, thus becoming a classic of the neighborhood.

The Result: The satisfied customer is the one who returns

Always keeping true to its roots, the Sabaté family, with the generational change, continued to expand its network of cafes, making a name in the most emblematic neighborhoods of Barcelona and surroundings. Always located near the markets, the "Caracas" were creating a fixed clientele, who felt at home enjoying the familiar air of our establishments and the close treatment of our staff.

The Maintenance: The love for coffee to the present day

Cafés Caracas has celebrated more than sixty years, and looks forward to the future hopefully. Currently the chain of shops-cafeteria has more than forty places in which daily are consumed and sold excellent selected coffees. Its founders, the Sabaté family, and all the staff who work in the company, know that although the brand is consolidated, they have to keep improving every day, maintaining the values of work and excellence to continue improving and satisfy our customers.