Homemade coffee, using the traditional method

We have always been faithful to the original formula of our founder, and its composition remains as reference of excellent coffee.


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From our origins, the secret of our success has been to give a high quality product at a reasonable price. To achieve this, the philosophy has always been the same: to control all links in a continuous chain between raw material purchase to final consumption.

We buy coffee from the best harvests, following the original recipe of our founder. Afterwards we toast each origin separately, on a low heat to its sweet spot. We let rest the coffees and mix them for packaging, always in small quantities, so that our coffee will arrive fresh at the point of sale. Once there, our expert staff prepares it with care, dedication and professionalism, so that our loyal customers can enjoy the best coffee, either in our establishments or in their own home.

We also have an own workroom where we make most of the breads and pastries that can be tasted in our stores, as well as our famous nougat and coques de Sant Joan. We buy the best flours, which combined with the expert hands of our team and the knowledge of generations in the world of bread together with the slow fermentation of our products, make us have a different product, craftsman ... like before. In our establishments we finally give a touch of heat, so that our customers can taste their sandwiches and pastries in the best conditions.

There are no secrets. Our recipe is to work hard and be on top of every detail, so that the Caracas experience lives up to what our clients deserve and expect ... the most demanding, the most faithful, who come to our stores from generation to generation and form part of this great family called Caracas.