Cafeterias caracas

Cafe and shop: "All in one !”

There are currently more than forty business premises where you can taste our coffees, most of them located next to the markets of Barcelona and its surroundings.

The establishments Caracas are composed of two different services, although framed in the world of the coffee. On one side the cafe for tasting and on the other the shop, where the coffee is sold.

cafes caracas profesional

Caracas Cafes: “A classic of the coffee world”

Our professionals know the technique of coffee preparation and take care of all the details, to get a balanced infusion.

Although the consumption of coffee is common in the country, its preparation is an art and unfortunately is not always done in the most appropriate way.

In Caracas we take into account all the factors that influence the coffee, from the machine to the salinity of the water, passing through the grinding process and the temperature of the extraction. The result is the coffee that has given us fame and has made us a reference of quality during all these years.

Caracas shops: "A neighborhood shop specialized in cafes”

In the store customers can purchase any variety of coffee beans, with the security that they are buying a distinguished product, very different from the ones that can usually be had in the "big market". It is a coffee that has followed a careful process of selection, roasting and final mixing, to get a bouquet with an aroma and a body that have given it prestige.

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