• Organic coffee beans 1 kg Cafes Caracas
  • Coffe beans of organic coffee 1 kg Cafes Caracas


Mix of Central American Arabica coffees, all washed and from organic farming. Its extraction has a soft taste, with slight and pleasant notes of ripe fruit. It has a medium acidity and body, slightly unctuous.


Ecological certification ensures that these coffees come from non-genetically modified shrubs harvested without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Throughout the collection and washing process, clean and sustainable systems are used, which reduce waste and help biodiversity. The CCPAE organization monitors and guarantees that these coffees are stored, produced and packaged in a controlled environment and are not exposed to any source of contamination.

Select the type of ground
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Aeropress”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Chemex”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Plunger”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Melitta”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Oroley” or thread
  • Ground for coffee maker type "Express" household
Coffee beans
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Tell us what coffee maker you have, since each type of coffee maker needs a different thickness of ground.

*For coffee maker type "Melitta" the ground has to be very fine.

*For coffee type "Oroley" or thread, the ground must be thicker and put the coffee unpressed not to obstruct the showers.

*For coffee type "Express" household, the ground must be less fine than the last and lightly press the coffee.

Grinding points based on extraction method


The grind point will determine the surface area of the coffee bean that is exposed to water. In a fine grind, there is much more grain surface area than there is in a coarse grind point. The greater the exposure (that is, the finer the coffee), the greater the proportion of the basic coffee oils, which give body and bitterness to the final cup. The thicker, the higher its acidity and the less hidden the nuances of flavor will be.

In general, the more pressure and speed of elaboration, the finer the point of grinding.

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