Taste a careful selection of teas from the Asian continent. Taste their nuances and contrast the aroma, color, texture and taste by tasting flavors from different areas of the great Asian continent.

PIRAMIDES POT BLACK TEA CINNAMON ideal to drink with milk.

PIRAMIDES PU-ERH RED TEA POT from Yunnan Province (China).

PIRAMIDES POT LAMA GREEN TEA with an exotic aroma of passion fruit.

Tea culture is deeply rooted in Asian culture. This millenary beverage requires time, dedication and patience. Enjoy this oriental tea tasting to learn about tea tasting.

Find the nuances behind each strand and experiment with the senses. Asia has countries that hide their particular seed cultivation, type of plant drying, climate and way of harvesting. Discover yourself as a tea taster and broaden your horizons of tea culture.

This pack tasting pack of premium Asian teas is a batch of products for tea lovers are three opaque jars to optimize conservation of all the aroma and qualities of theine.

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