Elaborated in an artisan way with selected cocoa beans, this chocolate nougat has premium quality almonds which awaken a distinguished chocolate flavor in palate with toasted notes of hazelnut with the crunch of the dried fruit.

We take care in the selection of hazelnuts, which are of Spanish origin, so that their aroma combined with their texture awaken their aroma when bitten.

On the palate it begins to melt smoothly and in layers, first the hazelnut flavor opens up when bitten, which reminds us of the toasted and slightly woody aromas, with these flavors in mind and then the 60% chocolate enters into action, which increases the intensity and depth of the nougat.

They are 280 gr. caramelised nougat with a perfect thickness to serve sliced ​​while maintaining its integrity.

We recommend keeping it in a cool place in a refrigerator around 15ºC.

An ideal way to present this artisan nougat is in the form of small pieces, both individually and with different varieties and flavors on trays to eat at lunch, dinner and also gourmet events.

An olfactory and gustatory combination that will accompany intimate moments such as special meetings.

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