This carefully selected selection of tea, infusion and decaffeinated coffee is for those seeking moments of relaxation at home. They are relaxing and digestive beverages that want to offer the consumer a feeling of tranquility and rest.

COFFEE ORIGINS: SWISS WATER, decaffeinated coffee with a fruity flavor and slight acidity.

ROOIBOS DIGESTIVE TEA TIN PYRAMIDS, without theine. This tea guarantees a good sleep.

BLACK TEA EARL GREY TIN PYRAMIDS, regulates tension and stimulates concentration.

This combination is aimed at those who like smooth and sweet flavors in hot beverages. Find the nuances behind each drink and experiment with the sensations it offers to your body. Find your moment of tranquility with our exclusive home relaxation collection of infusion, tea and decaffeinated coffee.

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  • Ground for coffee maker type "Express" household
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This tasting assortment of infusions and premium teas is a set of products for lovers of relaxing drinks are two opaque tin to optimize conservation of all the aroma of flowers and also a self-closing bag, ermetic and opaque to maintain the qualities of decaffeinated coffee.

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