It is a very high quality coffee in limited edition, only 200 k, and is a must for the most foodies.

Author Coffee Blend. Complex flavor of sweet bone fruits, flower, honey and nuts, with pleasant acidity and fleshy body.

Selected from two of the highest quality producing farms in Central America, our Hidden Pearl is a fair trade coffee, FAIRTRADE.

The blend is composed of a 1,650m washed Guatemalan coffee, pulped the same day of the harvest and fermented with water between 36 and 48 hours, washed three times for total cleaning and drying for three days. With Fair Trade, Organic and UTZ certificate.

A coffee from Honduras - Marcala farm, with an altitude of 1,650 m also, composes the rest of our blend, whose production stands out for the selection of the grain in its optimum maturation and the 4-hour hydration process to subsequently dry in solar dryers controlling layer height and temperature, moving grain every 15 minutes.

This premium quality coffee is presented in a Doy Pack bag with high light protection, self-closing and with a degassing valve, which optimizes the conservation of all the aroma and organoleptic qualities of the coffee.

Select the type of ground
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Aeropress”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Chemex”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Plunger”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Melitta”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Oroley” or thread
  • Ground for coffee maker type "Express" household
Coffee beans
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