Second Limited Edition of our "EXCELLENCE COFFEE CUP" collection, with an essential coffee for the most gourmet, who captivates us and drives us towards a world of sensory explosion. An unbeatable coffee experience, with unmatched quality, and a very intense aftertaste that encourages salivation in the mouth and prolongs the pleasure of this perfect cup.

The complexity of the tasting note is due to its natural process in which there has been no genetic manipulation. This coffee is grown in Semi Forest and Garden, and is in the vicinity of the residence of the producers themselves, being able to describe it as the coffee of the garden of his house.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best coffees in the world and, for us, a coffee that falls in love with its fruity notes and complexity, without forgetting its intensity and its mouth-to-mouth, sweet and creamy behavior . A coffee that when you take it transports you to its origin and tells you about the magnitude of the country in Ethiopia.

This premium quality coffee is presented in a Doy Pack bag with high light protection, self-closing and with a degassing valve, which optimizes the conservation of all the aroma and organoleptic qualities of the coffee.

Select the type of ground
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Aeropress”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Chemex”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Plunger”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Melitta”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Oroley” or thread
  • Ground for coffee maker type "Express" household
Coffee beans
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Selection of different exotic coffees. With a fruity and mellow taste, has an appreciated aftertaste with floral notes and nuts (hazelnut). Low caffeine content. Recommended by gourmets, and to taste it slowly.