Intensive Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 units Cafes Caracas
  • Intensive Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 units Cafes Caracas


This formula has an intense flavor, which gives its name to this variety. It is noted for its bitter taste, with a sweet background cereal and some herbal notes that are also appreciated . It has a dense body and a very compact cream.


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The differential fact: apart from selecting only the freshest coffees from the best crops, all of our grains are roasted separately based on their origin, respecting all its individual properties, and then mixed. Contrary to what is usually done: that is first mixed green, and then roast them together. Once roasted and mixed, let stand our coffee in bags so that they can develop all natural extraction process base oils that provide the aroma and flavor until packing in airtight capsule. Sustainable and ecological coffee: we  collaborate with the organization Mundi for the development of education and the economy in those coffee producing areas that need it most. Follow our projects on the web: The capsules we use are biodegradable.

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