Taste a careful selection of coffees with floral notes. These coffees stand out for their aromas. Taste their nuances of acidity, body and aftertaste, savoring flavors from different parts of the world. 

ORIGINS COFFEE: COLOMBIA HUILA very aromatic, smooth and with citric and floral notes.

COFFEE ORIGINS: ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE with flavors of tangerine, tea, flowers and cookie. 

ORIGIN COFFEE: PAPUA NEW GUINEA SIGRI slightly citrus notes and cocoa tastes.

Find the nuances behind each bean and experiment with the senses. Discover yourself as a coffee connoisseur and expand your horizons in the world of coffee.

This premium coffee tasting pack comes with an Oroley Italian coffee maker. A New Dakar aluminum coffee maker for vitroceramic hob and gas. It is perfect for making six cups of coffee.

Lot of products for coffee lovers are three bags of coffee 250 gr with self-closing and opaque to optimize conservation of all the aroma and organoleptic qualities and a coffee maker Oroley.

Select the type of ground
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Aeropress”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Chemex”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Plunger”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Melitta”
  • Ground for coffee maker type “Oroley” or thread
  • Ground for coffee maker type "Express" household
Coffee beans
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