You have at your fingertips the most classic latte mug design. Our decorated mug comes with a plate so as not to leave a mark on the table. It is a nice and exclusive design to serve a good coffee with milk.

If they are the most widespread design in bars is for a good reason: The concave shape of its interior facilitates the formation of the characteristic cream and shape. They are cylindrical, tall and with great volumetric capacity, designed to hold large quantities of filter coffee, American type, or an abundant coffee latte without foam.

Porcelain mugs are the best option for drinking and enjoying a good café latte. The reason is that they do not transfer flavor to the coffee and milk and conserve all the qualities in an optimal way. They maintain the temperature without affecting the characteristics of the coffee or milk.

Endowed with the hardness, shine and translucency of a porcelain vitrified at 1,400 degrees. It resists high temperatures and any industrial dishwasher. Don't be afraid that the decoration will disappear.

Get the traditional mug design to enjoy your latte in the best way. A classic that can't miss in your coffee lovers' pack.

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