Brazil coffee with a dark roast: A coffee with more body and bitterness is achieved. Focused on highlighting its structure, it reduces the intensity of its sweetness and aroma of nutty and caramel notes.

This variety of Arabica is the first Brazilian coffee with a Denomination of Origin (Cerrado Mineiro). Its dark roast is perfect for espresso machines. It is a very popular roast for people who want more intensity and body. It is very characteristic of Southern Europe, for example, Italy, where they consume stronger, shorter coffees and of quick extraction.

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This premium quality coffee is presented in a Doy Pack bag with high light protection, self-closing and with a degassing valve, which optimizes the conservation of all the aroma and organoleptic qualities of the coffee.

Let to know Brazilian coffee according to the bean roasting

D.O. Brasil

Its body increases and it becomes more bitter and smoky. It also begins to lose the recognisable characteristics of origin and acidity. Through this roasting, more special oils are extracted from the coffee, which give it more bitterness and structure in the final cup. However, it loses the sweetness and aroma that we used to enhance with light roasts. It is a type of roasting designed for extraction in an espresso machine (or espresso). Fast and concentrated extractions. These are very intense and full-bodied coffees.

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