Cafés Caracas - Artisan chocolate nougat with walnuts
  • Cafés Caracas - Artisan chocolate nougat with walnuts


Artisan nougat with a careful selection of cocoa beans to be combined with a selection of nuts. This artisan nougat opens up an intense palandar sensation with a sweet and balanced flavor accompanied by an intense crunch.

Nuts selected so that their texture, smell and flavor are optimal in smell and mouth, combining a quality chocolate sense.

Your experience begins when it opens, awakening the unique smell of the walnut. When it enters the palate, its texture when breaking will give way to chocolate.

It begins its smooth melt, combining nuts and chocolates in its first bite. Then the 60% chocolate takes over in its entirety, invading the palate with its intensity.

They are 280 gr. of nougat with nuts with a perfect thickness to serve cut while maintaining its integrity.

We recommend keeping it in a cool place in a refrigerator around 15ºC.

An ideal way to present this artisan nougat is in the form of small pieces, both individually and with different varieties and flavors on trays to eat at lunch, dinner and also gourmet events.

An olfactory and gustatory combination that will accompany intimate moments such as special meetings.

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