Selection of the best coffee origins around the world, selected and roasted in small lots and different temperatures to foster its unique properties. Presented in a high light protection Doy Pack bag, with self-closing and degassing valve, which optimizes the preservation of all the aroma and organoleptic qualities of coffee. We have coffee beans and 6 types of ground coffee so that our clients can taste the best coffee. A range of new coffee sensations, for sybarite only.

Promoción Cafés Caracas
Promoción Cafés Caracas



1600m  Soft, dense, complex and balanced. With notes of spices, vegetables and ripe fruits. Intensely perfumed.

In the Sigri plantation of Waghi Valley, which was founded by the Carpenter family in 1969, the coffee grows at about 1600-1700 m altitude, and enjoys a cool and mild climate and good rainfall throughout the year. These microclimatic conditions are ideal for the growth of Arabica coffee, especially the ancient Typica variety and Arusha. In Sigri the harvest is done manually between the months of April and September, selecting the ripe grain at the correct point of sugars and acidity. This selected cherry is pulped on the same day with respectful methods for the environment. The whole fermentation process lasts about three days and the parchment is dried in the sun.

 Sigri A has a distinct family connection to Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica.