We present other coffee maker alternatives: for capsules, Express ... With them you can taste our delicious coffees with all the cream and aroma in your own home. Ask us for the grind with the exact texture that each type of coffee maker needs. An ideal gift for those who know how to value good things!

Cafés Caracas
Cafés Caracas



New Barista Mini, a small machine for big moments!

Our Barista mini capsule coffee machine offers unrivalled quality: both for its use and for the various taste experiences it offers.

It has an excellent and functional design, it need little space and it convince for the interesting value for money.

A perfect machine for home, office and companies looking for professional quality.



Body Material: Stainless steel + Plastic

Deposit: 1,6 L Capacity. Easy removal. Visible water level

Hot water outlet: For filterholder

Steam outlet: Cappuccino pipe for heating and frothing milk

Heating system: Boiler. Fast heating, in less than 3 min. ready to make coffee

Self-priming pump: Maximum working pressure 15 bar

Self-priming valve: Special valve for self priming and overpressure safety

Holder: Aluminium

ExtraCream Filter: Made in stainless steel, fitted in the filter holder, real espresso with cream from any kind of ground coffee

Coffee filter: 2 Stainless steel filter holder with the ExtraCream system to grant you a perfect café cream

Kind of coffee: Ground coffee.

Cup warming plate: In the upper part

Power: 850W